Simplifying things a bit here so dumb fucks don't think I'm a troll. Call me Jayden, everyone does. Male or gender-neutral pronouns, please. I am a CAFAB, straight-edge trans man with an interest in tulpas. Any help I could get to summon a tulpa would be great. I am a strong believer in equal rights for all. I'm straight-edge so I can be clean of body and mind to attain spiritual enlightenment. I specialize in remote viewing for profit and pleasure. Some people took my old posts the wrong way and I was afraid to post here for a while. I've taken a long look back at how I was and re-evaluated the situation. I may have been rude to such an extreme that people thought I was a troll. I was in a bad place then. I've changed.


Oct 15, 2012
@ 11:23 pm
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Today the Walmart cashier called me MA’AM. Can you BELIEVE this ignorance? We might as well be living in the 1950s. Can’t a TRANS**BOI buy bras and makeup without being called a GIRL? Just because I was wearing girls clothes, doesn’t make me a GIRL you ignorant cis fuck. Typical cis male. It’s called CROSSDRESSING, breaking the genderbinary into pieces and being Extremely Progressive. I plan on having my mom give them a strongly worded phonecall and needless to say, I will not be shopping at CISMART any time soon!!!!

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    Oh god this is serious I thought it was sarcastic These people are beyond stupid
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    Lol “I’m going to have my mommy call them. Boy I sure can talk a lot of shit on the Internet but I just can’t bring my...
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    Oh, dear Lord.
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    ….are you fucking serious?
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    oh my god I hate people
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    I have to agree with the person above. I hate it when people just say someone is ignorant with these situations because...
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